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service peroukasFollowing the purchase of each wig, be it natural, or synthetic, or natural hair imitation, in order to keep it looking like new prerequisite is ‘wig service .

And what we mean with service περούκας

Maybe you've noticed especially during the summer months, especially when wearing the wig on a daily basis at the bottom, present a wildness and a frizz giving the impression that broke down and not repaired.

This does not apply as turning a blind our stores you can bring your wig and you do like new with the latest technology machine against frizz. The most important thing is that you can get on the same day within a few hours depending on the case always the problem. We at Angel Sachitzis always strive for the best, and find solutions to all problems regarding your wig.

To make an appointment for service of your wig, please contact us. 

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